Refrigerated transport Abu Dhabi

Refrigerated transport Abu Dhabi

Hiring refrigerated transport in Abu Dhabi

Transportation of susceptible items like vegetables, fruits, seafood, and meat need to be done in more carefully as when the temperature gets high so the best way is to use refrigerated transport
We are leading refrigerated transport in Abu Dhabi with the latest model automobile and our all trucks possess preserved temperature between -0 to -20,

We are offering our refrigerated transportation Abu Dhabi with multiple preferences so our customer can choose what best suites for their needs, from 3 tons to 20 tons capacity of vans and trucks,

If you need a single trip or you need a contract for monthly with or without drivers we have options for you

We constantly upgrading our business model and vehicle with the latest technologies to make sure we fulfill all your refrigerator transport in Abu Dhabi,

with the option of day to day delivery, multiple deliveries, contractual basis, weekly, monthly and yearly, with driver or without the driver, with 24/7 backup support all over GCC,

We are always ambitious to have our customer enjoys affordable refrigerator transport and to achieve that we operate with our strick procedure to make sure low fuel consumption and modern technology reduce labor cost

Our Exclusive Services

  • Temperature Controlled between -1 to -20
  • Navigation systems on all trucks
  • Completely monitored Temperature
  • 24/7 operation

We have operation in all GCC and with large number of fleet, we are continuously monitoring movement of our trucks to keep sure delivery of our customer stuff, we are always make sure to have back up truck or van ready in case of any breakdown so it could not affect our delivery

Dubai Truck also providing refrigerated storage solution, we have our storage units in the very convenient location all around UAE, apart from that we are also providing box trucks for moving services

Need refrigerator transports in Abu Dhabi please contact us

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